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Floor heating system with PEX tubing

Pouring concrete is carried out after mounting the contours of water floor heating and testing activities. The thickness of the screed must be at least 30mm above the pipe, grade of concrete is not recommended below the M-300 (B-22, 5). In special cases (big weight and / or thermal loads on the heating plate, etc.), the thickness and grade of concrete ties is calculated by designers based on the properties of the object (in this case required separate calculations of heating panels). The minimum thickness of screed (30mm above the pipe) is due primarily not the strength characteristics, and to achieve uniformity of temperature distribution on the surface of the heating panel.

When the thickness of screed over 150mm require separate calculations of thermal conditions of heating panels with the introduction of special correction factors.

For reference: the weight of 1 square ties with a thickness of 50 mm is 250-300 kg.

The greater the thickness of the tie the more time is required to display it on a stable heating regime from power on.

The thicker screed the more innertsionnost system PEX tubing.

The lower the thermal conductivity of the tie, the higher the required flow temperature.

If expansion joints, in connection with long heating panel, it is divided (every 15 meters) on the areas of compensation joints, the pipes crossing the back-seam, laid in a protective corrugated tube (at 300 mm left and right of the seam extension). Recommended to lay heating circuits intact within a single area of compensation, ie, expansion joints should intersect only pressure and return lines of the contour.

Radiant system PEX tubing permits the use of any of plasticizers in the concrete. Widely used in modern construction has received a device with a plastic tie fiber.

To speed up the drying process of concrete slab, which usually takes about 3-4 weeks, and reach an acceptable level of relative humidity, you can connect the Radiant floor to the heat source (including the interim scheme). Recommended coolant temperature in this case should not exceed 30 ° C. The practice of applying water floor heating system PEX tubing using mode “drying” has shown many examples of reducing construction time, especially at sites with large areas.

Relative humidity of the concrete should not exceed 85%. In the case of parquet or other wooden cover, relative humidity must not exceed 60%. Anyway, you should follow the instructions of manufacturers and suppliers of materials, as well as to comply with construction technology and production work. Thus, generally requires 2-4 weeks from the time of pouring concrete screed before laying finishing coating.

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