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Archive for April 2011

Installation of a PEX water floor heating system

April 26, 2011

1. Subfloor is thoroughly cleaned of debris and gross irregularities and, if necessary, is aligned with the pouring of concrete or liquid sex. 2. On the prepared subfloor to lay the PEX tubing with slots for the heat pipe. Stacking plates made of PEX on the principle of mosaic and strictly on the project, it […]

PEX Tubing for small warm floor project

April 26, 2011

Flow tubes for 1 m2 floor surface with a step of 20 cm is approximately 5 absorption. m. Due to the fact that, due to hydraulic losses in the system of floor heating water, the contour of the loop length over 100 m stack is not recommended, it is easy to calculate that for step […]