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Installation of a PEX water floor heating system

1. Subfloor is thoroughly cleaned of debris and gross irregularities and, if necessary, is aligned with the pouring of concrete or liquid sex.

2. On the prepared subfloor to lay the PEX tubing with slots for the heat pipe. Stacking plates made of PEX on the principle of mosaic and strictly on the project, it allows you to subsequently avoid the effects of convexity and concavity of the floor. Step placement of the heat pipe is also calculated at the design stage based on numerous factors such as general building heat loss, the presence and size of window openings, number of storeys of the building, etc. The total thickness of insulation layer (PEX + PEX additional grazing system) must be calculated thermal resistance, which is calculated during the design for a given object and is usually 40-80mm.

3. Stacking plates are also produced according to project into the grooves of PEX tubing . For uniform heating of the entire floor surface heat distribution plates should be covered at least 80% of the area.

4. Further, the aluminum plate falls so-called substrate of polyethylene foam or cardboard, it allows to smooth bumps formed between sites occupied by the plates and free from them.

5. Finally, this completes the system layer of gypsum fiber board or plywood, for which there is, consequences, and lays Finish coating.

This system of warm water sex is universal and can be mounted as a concrete base, and on the wooden floor, laid on wooden joists.

Wooden PEX heating System

There are two types of wooden grazing system:

wooden modular system
wooden rack type system

Universal property for both types is that they are used mainly in the construction of wood (timber frame) homes, ie, system laid directly on wooden joists or on rough ground. The main difference between the two types of wood systems: a modular type used ready-made elements (modules) of chipboard 22 mm is milled channels for plates and tubes of warm water floor, and in the rack type of conductive plate and pipe fit contours of floor heating between the strips or planks CPD .

Wooden water floor heating system of modular type

1. Strips 22 mm thick chipboard, their main purpose – fixing aluminum plates and the creation of a rigid surface. Heat insulator in the floor construction shall be provided in the overlap.

Band DSP fit in strict accordance with the draft heating system “PEX heating, with a gap of 20 mm.

In accordance with a specific step laying pipes (wide aluminum plates) are used chipboard strip width of 130, 180, and 280 mm.

2. Aluminum plates. The plate is teplosemnym and heat distribution element in the grazing system and has a special profile through which the plate is closely adjacent to the heat pipe and heat transfer is carried out more efficiently. Mounted in the gaps between the strips CPD.

Used aluminum plate width of 150, 200 and 300 mm

3. Pipe water floor heating. Snaps into grooves aluminum plates.

4. One layer GVLV (gypsum fibrous sheet, waterproof). GVLV to create a smooth surface on the aluminum plates and particleboard.

In the case of use as a finish coating or laminate flooring is not permitted to use gypsum fiber, pack finish coating directly on aluminum plates.

Wooden water floor heating system rack type

Unlike wooden modular system is used not ready elements (modules) with the grooves and the grooves are formed by laying strips (plates) with a thickness of at least 28mm distance (desynchronization) 20mm between them. The system is mounted directly on the joists (floor beams) with a maximum pitch lags 600mm (300mm when using ceramic tiles). The thermal insulation (mineral or basalt wool, PEX, etc.) is placed between the beams. In a system of wooden rack type thermal insulation layer is much thinner, so it is advisable to mount such as on the second floor of 2 storey cottage.

Apply heat distribution aluminum plates for step placement 150, 200 and 300 mm. In areas of greatest heat loss (the exterior walls, large windows, etc.) is applied, as a rule, step 150mm.

For every object is a project with the calculation load on the system of water heating, indicating the step size stacking units of water floor heating, the number of units, placement of reservoirs and distribution automation, with the table of balancing and tuning circuits and systems in general.

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