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Polypropylene Pipes and Fittings

Pipes and fittings made of polypropylene (PEX)

As a result, the polymerization of propylene and ethylene in certain proportions, as well as chains of molecules of ethylene in the mixed form of a material that defines the basic physical and chemical properties of pipes and fittings made from it. Pipelines, mounted in polypropylene, no rust, no rot, do not change the taste and chemical properties of the flowing fluid. Estimated length of service pipe is 50 years (cold water) and 25 (hot water). Depending on the operating pressure of the coolant temperature can reach 95 ° C. Perhaps short-term increase in temperature to 100 ° C.

High chemical resistance allows you to use polypropylene tubes for installation of technological pipelines and water treatment systems.

The main physical and mechanical properties of the material PPR-C (Type 3):

Pipes and fittings made of polypropylene PPR-C (Type 3) are used in cold and hot water in residential, office and industrial buildings, heating systems, water treatment, Air line and process pipelines.
Types of pipes

Polypropylene pipes PPR-C (Type 3) are available in three basic types:

PN 10 – for cold water pipes with a pressure of 1 MPa.
PN 20 – piping hot and cold water with the pressure at t = 20 ° C – 2.0 MPa at t = 75 ° C – 0.6 MPa.
PN 25 (Reinforced) – Piping hot and cold water and heating with the pressure at t = 20 ° C – 2.5 MPa
at t = 90 ° C – 1.0 MPa.

Lifetime of polypropylene pipes PPR-C in cold water is at least 50 years old, and hot water systems and heating systems at least 25 years.

Plumbing System Benefits
The main advantages of this system are:

· Reliability and durability. Properties that meet the requirements of SNIP 2.04.01-85 *.

• Full absence of corrosion and fouling of the pipe during operation.

• Large range of composite parts, valves and fasteners allows you to mount any wiring diagram.

Easy to increase the speed and pipeline installation is 5-7 times compared with metal, the lack of supplies and the need for preliminary preparations.

• Complete tightness of welded joints.

• High chemical resistance of pipes.

· Smaller (compared to metal pipes), the noise level of flow.

· Pipes do not require painting.

• System can withstand multiple cycles of freezing in the presence of pressure.

· Material meets the requirements of environmental safety and does not emit any harmful substances in the pipeline installation, or during operation.

PEX Piping

Design of piping systems connected to the choice of type of pipe, fittings and valves, hydraulic calculations, the choice of lining and conditions for compensation of thermal changes in length of the tube without the surge material and the joints of the pipeline.
Tube type

Select the type of pipe is subject to the conditions of the pipeline pressure, temperature, required service life and aggressiveness of the transported fluid. When transporting corrosive liquids should be used coefficients condition of the pipeline.

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