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For this purpose we prepared samples as indicators of varying degrees of purity were on the canvas within the requirements of technical conditions, that is no more than 2 vkl./mm2, Plastic and other options that are installed in existing PEX systems during the heating season in 2004 and 2005 in Chicago. After the end of this period will be investigated samples, including Cross-linked polyethylene tubing analysis and evaluation of corrosion properties of Plastics. According to test results may clarify technical requirements for high corrosion resistance of the pipes for PEX systems of heating networks, in particular, clarification of the minimum allowable density of the canvas. It can be assumed that commercial production of tubes of high corrosion resistance of new technical terms is an important step towards improving the durability and reliability of the heat network PEX systems. This is one of the first types of Cross-linked polyethylene pipe, manufactured with a guarantee of purity on the canvas, which is essential today for ensuring satisfactory resistance to corrosion of PEX systems, to prevent their failure in an abnormally short period of time. Further improvement of production technology and Plastic pipes, aimed at optimizing the chemical composition and microstructure of the Plastic, providing an even greater degree of purity of non-Cross-linked polyethylenelic inclusions, will further improve the corrosion resistance of the heat network PEX systems, will enable a greater degree of confidence to predict the timing of their safe operation. Conclusions: We show that the main factor determining the high rate of corrosion of Plastic in aqueous environments containing chlorides and sulfates, is the presence of a special type of Cross-linked polyethylene inclusions containing calcium, known as corrosion-active nonCross-linked polyethylenelic inclusions (Canvas).
Material properties change b / a Pipe

From the above data that the material properties of tubes is not so much change and, in spite of the huge pipe lifetime.

We know that the methods of inspection show a relatively high in terms of market b / y pipe percentage of defect-free pipes in PEX systems, even after prolonged use. Here we present excerpts from the published site article, which presents the results of investigations of changes in material properties of pipes for oil PEX system 25 years.

As the test material were selected structural Plastic 17G1S and 19d, which were used for the manufacture of pipes for PEX systems.
Samples of the same size for testing Plastics 17G1S and 19g were cut from the pipe diameter of 720 mm and 10 mm thick emergency reserve (baseline) and pipes, which are exploited in the PEX system for 25 years.

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