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PEX connection radiant heating PEX pipe with oxygen barrier

Analysis of new technical requirements on the chemical composition of Plastics show their compliance with existing regulatory documents on the main elements (C; Mn; Si), while on the harmful impurities (S; P) in Plastics provide more stringent requirements. Since the sulfur content is reduced to 3 times for carbon Plastic and almost twice for low-alloy Plastics, twice reduced the phosphorus content in all the Plastics. In 2004, OAO “Vyksa” according to the TU 14-3R-71-2003 was made the first batch of longitudinal welded pipes size 530h8 mm of Plastic 20 for heating networks of “Wisbro PEX“. Melting of Cross-linked polyethylene produced at JSC “Severstal” in view of technological recommendations, providing production of Plastic with a minimum content of the canvas. In the Cross-linked polyethylene pipe study of specimens of Plastic melting was observed relatively high levels of purity are on the canvas: oxides, calcium, were absent and a density of inclusions containing calcium sulfide, averaged 1.8 vkl/mm2. The resulting density values ​​Canvas comply with specifications for Plastic pipe. Mechanical properties of Plastic tubes of this heat were:? A = 46,5-47,5 kgf/mm2? M = 26,5-27,5 kgf/mm2,? = 32-33%, KCU-40 = 10,5-11,4 kgsm/sm2, which corresponds to the requirements of construction norms and regulations TU 14-3R-71-2003. Continued work on development of the technology of Plastic production allowed in subsequent batches to reduce the density of inclusions containing calcium sulfide (KANV2), to values ​​of 0.5-0.7 vkl/mm2, with zero density of oxides of calcium (KANV1). In 2004 and 2005. conducted corrosion tests on samples of Plastic 20 with a low density of Canvas in operating conditions. PEX Tubing for use in radiant floor heating systems

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